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Ukraine apply to energydeficit countries and meets own irrigation and energy needs from its own resources at least 50%. The energy intensity of gross domestic product (GDP) to 2 times the energy intensity of GDP of developed countries and growing. In connection with the strategic line of important state policy of economy and social sphere is energy efficiency, which is realized through the development of new energy-saving, low-waste and non-waste technology, effective systems and controls for the energy use and environmental protection from pollution and implementation of the integrated energy and economic management.

"Power management" - an activity aimed at ensuring the rational use of energy resources in the enterprise or in the municipalities, which allows optimizing the volume of energy.

Energy management is an essential element in the structure of the company which has set itself the goal of reducing energy consumption through their effective use. Energy management is an effective tool to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises by reducing expenditure on the purchase of energy resources.

Energymanagement includes:

  • monitoring of energy consumption;
  • analysis of existing indicators as the basis for drafting the new budget;
  • development of new low-waste and non-waste technologies;
  • energy development budgets;
  • development of energy policy;
  • Planning for new energy-saving measures;
  • developing effective systems and controls for the energy consumption and environmental pollution;
  • organization integrated energy and economic management.

 Implementation of energy management in the enterprise is a widespread international practice. So in 2011, the International Organization for Standardization launching the ISO 50001 energy management.

ISO 50001 provides the basics that allow organizations to:

  • develop a policy in the sphere of energy saving;
  • set goals and objectives to achieve the goal of energy saving policy;
  • use the data to better understand energy consumption and making decisions on these issues;
  • measure the results of energy efficiency;
  • to analyze the effectiveness of policy implementation in the area of ​​energy conservation;
  • continually improve the work of energy management in the enterprise.