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Ukraine is the world leader in terms of excessive energy. This is due to the current poor state of walling buildings, lack of energy balance of industrial enterprises and energy consumption.

The ultimate goal of improving energy efficiency of any production-tion (company) - to reduce the energy consumption of the storage conditions of the production volume while reducing negative impacts on the environment. To do this, take the relevant decisions on the strategy of using different resources based on energy audits and energy management.

Energy audit (energy inspection) - inspection companies, organizations and individual industries, held at the initiative of the consumer to identify savings opportunities of energy resources, implementation of saving measures in practice by introducing mechanisms for energy efficiency and for the implementation of the enterprise system energy management.

Objects of the energy audit are:

  • Enterprise objects, organizations and institutions;
  • System power, heat, fuel, water, entities;
  • production and processing equipment;
  • processes;
  • activities and reporting entity in the field of energy;
  • technical and technological documentation of the entity;
  • departmental regulations on energy saving;
  • rules and regulations FER;
  • system power management entity;
  • draft plans (programs) construction, reconstruction, expansion, conservation and liquidation of economic activity;
  • other items for which the legislation of Ukraine envisages energy audit.

The task of energyaudit:

  • analysis of efficiency PER PER comparison of actual costs with existing norms and standards, and preparing recommendations for reducing actual costs FER;
  • analysis of spending on energy resources in the cost of production;
  • analysis of energy consumption in some industrial processes, units and types of equipment;
  • FER analysis of the costs at the facility energy;
  • check operation (introduction) energy management system at the facility;
  • drawing up a list of ways and means of saving PER losses at the facility;
  • development of energy efficiency measures to their feasibility study.