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LLC "UKRENERGYAUDIT" is a specialized company to conduct energy audits, engineering and consulting in this area, which consists of leading experts in the field of energy and energy saving Ukraine, and certified energy auditors who are members Vsekurayinskoyi NGO Ukraine "Higher Council energy auditors and energy managers Ukraine" (NGO "VREAEMU").
The aim of our company is to provide energy savings, reduce environmental impact on the environment based on modern achievements in energy and high technology, and energy conservation projects of the fuel and energy sector (thermal power plants, power plants, Oblenergo), industry, housing results utilities sector, budgetary institutions and others.
The main activities are:

  • conducting energy audit;
  • provision of engineering poosluh;
  • consulting in the field of energy saving and energy;
  • implementation of energy efficient technologies with appropriate software.

The main objective of our company is introducing energy efficient economy and energy independence of Ukraine is one of the priorities of the Government of Ukraine in accordance with the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 11.12.2014 № 26-VIII.
Given the experience and capabilities of our company, LLC "UKRENERGYAUDIT" ready zdisnyty the full range of energy saving and energy efficiency, to implement energy efficiency programs and energy independence of Ukraine under conditions of the tariff increase for fuel and energy rerursy.