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Taking into account the priorities of energy sector development of our country, and in today's conditions, energy efficiency in enterprises of all sectors of the economy becomes of strategic importance. Energy audits and implementation of energy efficient development strategy of Ukraine, will reduce the losses free up funds for modernization networks, reduce the price burden on consumers of water, heat, electricity, natural gas and other resources, particularly in terms of increasing energy tariffs.

High energy intensity of GDP in Ukraine is the result of significant technological backwardness of most sectors of the economy compared to the developed countries, unsatisfactory sectoral structure of the national economy, the negative impact of "shadow" sector, including import-export operations, which objectively limit the competitiveness of national production and is burdensome the economy - especially given its foreign energy dependence. In contrast to industrialized countries, where energy conservation is an element of economic and environmental expediency, in Ukraine - a matter of survival in market conditions and the entry into the European and world markets. This requires addressing the problem of balanced solvent demand both on domestic and foreign markets, and diversify imports of energy resources.

Factor energy saving is one of the key to Ukraine's Energy Strategy. It determines the effective functioning of the national economy.

Currently, the main factor reducing the energy products (services) in all areas of the economy is to develop an effective system of state management in the sphere of energy saving. This will, first of all, to improve the structure of the final energy consumption, in particular through further expansion and intensification of electrification in all economic sectors by replacing critical fuels while increasing production efficiency.

Today, one of the priorities of the state is to achieve energy independence. The government increased tariffs for housing services to economic levels. However, a number of programs designed to help Ukrainian become energy efficient and pay less for housing and communal services, namely:

  • Energy Conservation Program for population;
  • Energy saving program for public sector;
  • The program of energy saving in housing.